About Us

D Varee Hotels & Resorts is one of the fastest growing management company with a determination to deliver unsurpassed hotel experiences with our attention to details and exceptional lines of accommodation catering to the modern day travellers.With a touch of Thai hospitality and our deep passion for excellence, they inspire us to exceed expectations of today's most demanding travellers, D Varee Hotels & Resorts endlessly strives to create enriching hotel experiences by merging the most satisfying choices of accommodation with the highest value for every traveller that steps into any of our hotels and resorts.

Be assured that a stay experienced at any of our D Varee Hotels & Resorts is and always will be truly memorable.

D Varee Hotels & Resorts operates properties in key destinations throughout Thailand and the region with a goal to provide travellers a flexibility in selecting their preferred choices of accommodation in all market segments through our brands which are D Varee Gold Label, D Varee Signature, D Varee, D Varee Diva, and D Varee Xpress.

A remarkably luxurious five-star accommodation delicately created for your sophisticated retreat. The timeless yet contemporary and tastefully decorated room are lavish with exceptionally elegant décor. Apart from the sense of pure luxurious services and facilities, our people are passionately devoted to ensure highest guests’ satisfaction. D Varee Gold Label, we have taken care of your happiness. 

D Varee Signature is our premium serviced executive apartments with a uniqueness in its architecture and supreme level of services, comfort and facilities. If it’s a lifestyle moment you are looking for then let us take care of your stay in our Signature way. D Varee Signature, you are more than significant to us.

Discover a peaceful sanctuary at D Varee Wellness, the brand that offers the ultimate for your body, mind, and spiritual wellbeing. Get lost in time when you immerse in the calming ambience of our wellness centres, where each of them is uniquely surrounded by touch of natural environment of its local area. Indulge in a variety of eco-friendly rejuvenating healings whilst receiving holistic medical treatments by our professionally trained doctors, nurses, and spa therapists. D Varee Wellness, rejuvenate and rediscover a new you.

D Varee is our upscale accommodation for travellers expecting and appreciating absolute consistency in attentive service, outstanding comfort and facilities while travelling. D Varee emphasises excellent convenience for anyone who loves a good hotel stay where our bedding comfort and food taste are their priority. D Varee, your safe, comfortable stay answered.

The trendiest brand in D Varee Hotels & Resorts, Diva is a posh and chic design hotel that gives you an absolute freedom on how you want your hotel stay to be. With the design of every hotel being unique, each Diva hotel gives you a totally different stay experience while carrying the same Diva vibe guests can sense and capture while staying there. D Varee Diva, experience a new sense of style.

A place where your peace of mind is our concern. Each D Varee Xpress hotel provides a clean, comfortable accommodation with conveniences at our doorsteps. At D Varee Xpress, less in our costs equate more in your savings. D Varee Xpress, Simplicity Without Compromise.