Hotel is located within Taungthaman Lake and the historic oldest and longest teakwood bridge in the world, the famous U Bein Bridge, (named after the Mayor that constructed it) that curves gently across the lake with 1086 poles supporting it. The bridge is built around 1850 which is symbolic of Mandalay, Myanmar's old capital during Ava Kingdom when it moved to Amarapura. The planks of teak that make up the bridge were taken from the old royal palace of Inwa. The local community is proud of its heritage and preserving its surrounding nature, D Varee Signature, Amarapura is committed to remain a central part of the community with hundreds of locals and saffron-robed monks walking their bicycles home along U Bein Bridge and fishermen going about their daily work in its shadow. Resort boast the most impressive sunset that captures Taungthaman Lake and U Bein Bridge at its best. It is a beautifully created architecture depicting the houses of a by gone era but with all the modern and luxury fittings offering guest bridging the past to a time where you will experience heritage at its best.

Your journey to D Varee Signature, Amarapura begins with a short 20 minutes ride from Mandalay International Airport and as you approaches the resort, the local road will take you through the charming local settlements, shops, temples before you reach our breath-taking heritage resort for your private hideaway. Discover a timeless and unrivalled experience in this beautiful setting whether you are relaxing in our generously fitted rooms, lazing by the pool or simply reading your book at our library. Our resort has wide selection of retail shops from local Tea and Coffee prepared in by gone era, Jade and Jewellery that Mandalay is world renown for, specialty restaurant, cafes, traditional clothing and souvenir, convenient shops amongst others to ensure you a comfortable and safe environment for all your essential needs. The charm and calmness of our resort provide guests an absolutely uplifting experience in this culturally rich atmosphere.

Our Ava Spa presents that sense of peace for a truly meditational and emotional uplift or simply to relax yourself after a long day of visiting the various cultural site within the city - Mandalay Hills, Ruins of the City gate, The Palace built by King Bodawpaya in 1783 as well as many monasteries and stupas within the city. D Varee Signature, Amarapura is an incredibly beautiful, unique resort with details incorporating elements from the past Ava kingdom and Mandalay tradition at its best.